On February 17th 2019, the glory of God manifested through a wonder.  In an effort to chronicle and document this amazing wonder that God manifested with time be taken on February 24th, 2019 during the worship service to audio record the testimonies of this amazing event.  In addition, there was a portion of the service used to share the discernment of what these things mean. Lastly, there was teaching from scripture on God’s glory as it relates to walking in love, not mishandling the glory, taking precautions to enter the glory safely, and the progressions of the glory.  At the end of the teaching, the Holy Spirit manifested another miracle sign & wonder through a prophetic song about the glory.

Long Branch Elementary School Bag Lunch Ministry Testimony Gratitude Letter

What follows is a heart touching letter of testimony and thanksgiving from Long Branch Elementary School regarding Great Smyrna’s food bag lunch ministry. The following excerpt from this letter of gratitude reads “I can’t tell you the names of the children that you help that have siblings that do not live in the same houses. I have a brother that stops by each week to make sure his sister gets her bag of food because he knows she doesn’t have food in her house either.”

Faith For Miracles

Miracles are available to everyone all the time but the scripture says that not everyone will possess them.  The Word of God does say that “all things are possible to them that believe.”  Miracles are available to everyone at anytime according to their faith. Ever needed a miracle from God but didn’t know how to skillfully obtain it. What unlocks God’s power for a person to achieve the impossible every time is their Faith for Miracles.

Feet To The Street – Teen Saving Machine – 2016 Training Super Results

The “Feet To The Street” Teen Saving Machine Results were super with 86% of the participants sharing that the overall training experience was outstanding/perfect. One youth from the Odum Home was so excited that there comment about the training and Smyrna Baptist Church is a must read.

Research Shows Person Can Change Their DNA Through Soul Control

At Great Smyrna we have received the testimony of a person in their 70’s who has taken what they learned from the Will to Heal teaching series to skillfully use the Word to change their soul and then their DNA to come off of doctor prescribed medication(S). I am reminded of another testimony that I heard from an adolescent who previously HAD AUTISM years ago which was healed through the teaching of one of my instructors.