Jubilee Healing & Miracle

Great Smyrna Baptist Church would like to give you a Jubilee miracle gift toward your healing, prosperity, family restoration through the “Jubilee Healing & Miracle” series.

jubilee-healing-miracle-1930x1472-blog-postThis powerful message is a Word ministered during the Jubilee Healing & Miracle services. For those in need of a healing, financial, family relationship or other type of miracle this Word is for you. Jesus is our Jubilee and He still has miracles to set the captives free.

This series is unlocked and requires no subscription or purchase. To receive your free audio gift to stream just click on this link and if necessary do a media search for Jubilee Healing & Miracle.

One praise report that came in from the Jubilee Healing and Miracle first service was from a person who desired healing prayer for someone else.  The person shared publicly that when the minister’s hands were layed upon their head that their right ear popped.  The person who they were requesting prayer for has a hearing implant placed in their right ear.  The person who was receiving prayer for the person with the implant believed the power of God was released for the person to have their hearing restored.   To read testimonies from our blog of those who have been healed resulting from previous ministry series or services go to Healing Open House or Research Shows That People Can Change Their DNA Through Soul Control.

Great Smyrna Baptist Church loves you and prays that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers (III John 2).