Breaking The Reigns To Harmful Media Pains

Breaking the Reigns empowers public school youth, parents, teachers, business owners, church leaders, and others with media literacy critical thinking skills through assemblies or keynotes that overcomes harmful and crippling media messages while connecting lost students to their school and if done wisely to the local church(es).

For Churches, it has the ability innovatively MASS EVANGELIZE complete middle schools in just TWO days without compromising the “separation of church and state” federal law and fulfill the Great Commission.

According to Barna Research, if Jesus is not a part of a youth’s life when they leave junior high school there is only a 6% chance they will accept him later.

How Does It Work?

 Listen To Littlefield

Littlefield Middle School was introduced with the opportunity of having a tremendously fun and highly effective drug abuse media literacy assembly program called Breaking The Chains during the academic day that would: 1) help youth confirm a decision to not use drugs 2) help youth to make a decision to quit using drugs on that day 3) reconnect lost youth who think their education has no relevance and 4) provide critical thinking skills that would help youth with their end of grade testing.

Littlefield accepted the offer and the whole student population was shared this program during the academic day and invited to an After School Program. The media literacy ASSEMBLY continued during the After School Program where youth were provided an invitation at the end with 100 students being able to attend, there were approximately 70 that gave their hearts to Jesus.

Since 2010, Breaking The Reigns From Harmful Media Pains has consistently had 70-100% of the youth who attend to make decisions to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.