Youth Leadership Development

Do your middle school, high school, or college youth know how to effectively lead change in their church, community, or school? Do your adults that lead the youth know how to develop their youth so that they can go to the board of education or other local civil, state, or federal authority in order to pass policies that will protect religious freedoms or interests in their schools and communities? Would you like to expose your youth to one of the most advanced leadership systems?

Pastor Steve Johnson is a Master Trainer and has worked in both the secular and faith arena since 1999 and has successfully supervised and/or personally led trainings for more than 10,000 people with the vast majority being in the secular arena. Many of the trainings led to community policy change with local boards of education as well as other community groups.

All of our Adult Leader Trainings as well as our Youth Media Literacy and Youth Advocacy trainings are modified accordingly for secular groups such as public schools groups, secular youth leadership conferences, etc. but still include the most advanced leadership model components. All trainings are extremely fun, humorous, interactive, impactful, and results-oriented.

Training’s Include:

Adult Leader Trainings
Youth Empowerment
Recruitment and Retention

Youth Leader Trainings
Advocacy and Action Planning (Passing policies with schools or other governments)
Media Literacy (Develop commercials or youtube clips that work)
Mass Youth Evangelism (Employ strategies to evangelize complete middle schools in one day)
Youth Street Evangelism (Teens that become saving machines)

What follows are samples of youth led products and projects.  The Check Yourself commercials won Silver in the Sir Walter Raleigh Media Awards.

Check out our commercials as examples of leadership conference and leader.

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Question Why Check Yourself #2


Leadership Summit New Bern