Healing Open House – Testimony Time

During Smyrna Baptist Church Healing Open House, Reverend John Whitfield III who is a dynamic minister especially ordained by God to minister healing to others led our services. He is the Pastor of Love & Joy Christian Center, a non-denominational ministry that stands on the word of faith. It is a place that loves and builds all people so please check them out on Facebook.

Pastor John Whitfield III

Pastor John Whitfield III

Here are three quick testimonies that we received after the services were completed and to God Be All The Glory!

SALVATION: From Sunday to Tuesday, there were those that gave their heart to Jesus for the first time.

WHAT BAND?: One of the seniors present during the meetings received prayer on Tuesday night. They testified on Sunday that they had been having a painful band around their abdominal/waste area. Once hands were laid upon them and they were prayed for the band of pain around their abdominal area left and has not returned.

ARM HEALED: The senior who requested prayer for pain removal with the band laid their hand upon another senior who was sitting next to them for them to be healed. This person wanted prayer for their arm and once hands were laid upon their arm the pain in that person’s arm immediately left.

SHOULDER IS NOW BOLDER: One senior came in testifying that their shoulder had been giving them so much trouble and pain and finally early in the morning they boldly took their healing for their shoulder. They were in tears as they shared that there was no more pain and they were giving God all the Thanksgiving.

Pastor John Whitfield and the Love and Joy Christian Center Praise Team were so anointed and it was AWESOME to watch God minister through them.