2015 Healing School – The Heal Deal


Artist Rendering Of Jesus Healing The Blind

HEAL DEAL: There were so many things that happened at Saturday Healing School, but here are a couple of quick praise reports:

KNEES ARE FREE: After the Word was ministered, a person came forward for prayer with their knees that had been clicking and been in pain. They came back to church on Sunday less than 24 hours later so EXCITED praising God that their knees were free.

DIDN’T NAME THE SPECIFIC BUT IT IS STILL TERRIFIC: One person came back on Sunday praising God as they didn’t share what was specifically restored in their body but they were still so excited that they were free. We rejoiced with them.

HAND IS GRAND: This is a bonus testimony of one of Smyrna’s 70 + Year Young Seniors. This testimony is so good it would be wrong to not share it. One of Smyrna’s seniors came in sharing a praise report of how they SKILLFULLY used the WORD of GOD and prayer to take their healing for their hand that was swollen in pain and wouldn’t close. They knew how to take their healing on their own because within 24 hours after prayer they were healed.