Empirical Research – Cancer Starts In The Soul


The empirical and secular world’s research now shares that 98% of cancer is the result of how a person manages their SOUL.

QUESTION: Why are researchers expending billions of dollar in cancer research looking in the area of the anatomical and physical when cancer’s beginning point is in the realm of the Spirit?

Money In NeedleIf I were in need of a loaf of bread I would probably go to the grocery store and not the auto mechanic shop.

So, if a person has cancer wouldn’t it make sense to go to a CHURCH where there was a servant of God with some understanding of the soul who could teach the person how to reconstruct their soul skillfully to prevent, obtain, and sustain the cure. Of course, it is necessary to have wisdom and have any accompanying type of anatomical or physical treatment from the hospital/treatment center as the Holy Spirit leads. It seems like a person may desire to start at the root of where the cancer begins in order to skillfully learn how to prevent and effectively receive the cure for cancer, since Cancer – Starts In The Soul!!!

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