Research Shows Person Can Change Their DNA Through Soul Control

Research Shows Person Can Change Their DNA Through Soul Control

SOUL CONTROL: At Great Smyrna we have received the testimony of a person in their 70’s who has taken what they learned from the Will to Heal teaching series to skillfully use the Word to change their soul and then their DNA to come off of doctor prescribed medication(S). The doctors have given the okay to come of their meds. DNA is the microscopic building blocks to life and the research shows that DNA is changed by our soul/thoughts/words.

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Healing Is A Mercy Of God

I am reminded of another testimony that I heard from an adolescent who previously HAD AUTISM years ago which was healed through the teaching of one of my instructors. After nine months the mother relentlessly learned and applied Holy Spirit led skills about healing and at the end of the nine months her son went FREE with NO MORE AUTISM. It was awesome to hear the youth tell his part of the testimony.

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