Miracle Stash Of Love Cash

Miracle Stash Of Love Cash

On Sunday traveling to the Smyrna Baptist Church where the REWARDER is, Holy Spirit placed it in a person’s heart to share some money for someone or something.  The person didn’t know who or what it was for and shared with me sensing I would know what to do with it.

I knew what it was for but I am sure the person who shared it with me didn’t know what it was for. What is miraculous is that the money shared was the EXACT right amount and it came in at the EXACT right time! Oh yea – and the money originated from a person in another part of the state.

You may ask why?  The answer is simple – Because GOD is SO BIG & SO POWERFUL THAT HE CAN!

That is GOD and GOOD at so many levels but then — God is SO GOOD!!!

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