Many Mighty Miracles

Many miracle testimonies came in from the previous Sunday when the altar was full of saints going for God in corporate prayer and then Holy Spirit led us to minister through the laying on of hands. Here are only five miracle testimonies from that one service:

Friends With Good News

Friends With Good News

1) One brother had hands layed on his shoulder and shared that the pain left immediately and DEMONSTRATED that he NOW had complete usage with no pain and could FULLY rotate his shoulder!

2) Another brother had hands layed on him from the previous Sunday and sensed the power of God impart into him. Within 2 to 3 days afterwards, the brother shared that God provided a supernatural resource miracle that was absolutely amazing!

3) One sister that had hands layed upon her shared that by mid-week she received a financial miracle!

4) One brother received a financial miracle through a more than 35% cost reduction of a big bill!

5) One brother had hands layed upon him and received a financial miracle soon after he returned home from church and it was more than what he needed to cover the cost of a special medical test that was needed for the very next day.

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