Take Cover From The Lover

Take Cover From The Lover

A person said to me once that they didn’t attend church and I went into a prayer closet to seek God’s wisdom to pray for this person and others who do not attend church and this is what He shared. In my heart, I sensed Holy Spirit share with me to look up and this is what I heard. As I looked up I saw the building below that had fallen in and I sensed Him share in my heart that this is what happens to people “who forsake the assembling of themselves together” (Hebrews 10:25).

The Actual Fallen Building (Amateur Photograph)

The Actual Fallen Building
(Amateur Photograph)

Over time the building on the left had its tin roof cover taken off and replaced with a flimsy plastic to be used as a plant nursery. Next, the plastic roof broke over time and was not replaced after being torn with all the storms, weather, sun, heat, and cold – it began to deteriorate in what didn’t take long to what can be seen in this picture. A trick of the enemy is to get a person away from the church flock and then begin to feed them the lie that they are still doing okay when the truth is they are not. For example, the neuroscience research alone now reveals that a person who is not reading/listening/speaking/meditating the Word of God does not have proper brain and body chemical production.

The building and roof cover in the picture below is approximately 16 years older but it has not forsaken the assembling of itself together. This building cover has been well maintained and even though it is older – it is still standing strong. When a person attends church with their brothers and sisters they see the blessing in others lives that they may not have yet and that gives them something to aspire to since God is no respecter of persons and they can benefit through the corporate anointing. The Local Church that God has assigned every person to ATTEND AND SERVE is a tremendous part of their Cover From THE Lover.

Older Covered Building (Amateur Photography)

The Actual Older Covered Building
(Amateur Photograph)

A person who is NOT attending church IS undergoing destruction in their body, family, finances, workplace, school, etc… much in the same way the building at the top did and will eventually completely collapse.

The BOLD TRUTH is those who honor and love God will diligently seek Him on Sunday morning and Wednesday night and He WILL reward them (Hebrews 11:6). However, those who choose to honor God’s enemy by not going to church and yielding to Satan’s thought that “it doesn’t matter if I go to church” will be destroyed/rewarded by Satan with sickness, poverty, and harm (Deuteronomy 30: 19-20). When the local churches are full then the hospitals, loan offices, and prisons will not be!

A Strong Spirit

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EXAMPLE: Over the past several years, Holy Spirit led me to personally invite several people to be partakers of the Will To Heal healing series because He knew what the enemy had planned for them ahead. One person who had cancer, yielded to the invitation and learned how to develop their faith in God to beat it – they are still going strong. The other people all made choices not to attend because at the time of invitation they were not sick and they were all dead within a year of their invitation, which was more than enough time to develop their faith for Satan’s attack that was ahead of them.

God warns those He loves because He desires to protect and reward them, but all have a personal responsibility to choose to act and respond, so before one’s body, family, finance, and building collapse TAKE COVER FROM THE LOVER!

Smyrna Baptist Church is a body of Lovers and NEVER Judges – All Are Welcome!