Healing Gift For Jubilee Rift

Great Smyrna Baptist Church is giving all the people but especially our neighbors in Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, and Cumberland Counties a gift valued at $100. This gift is extremely timely for several major reasons because of a biblical event that will begin its climax in the autumn of 2016.

Shemita – There Was Much Warning Before Hurricane Matthew

Shemita Part 2 – There was at least NINE months of warning before Hurricane Matthew hit Eastern North Carolina. On July 5th and then again on October 4, 2016 media releases were sent to the local Newspapers and Radio Stations in Robeson, Cumberland, and Bladen County warning of impending destruction.


America is being warned. Harbingers are signs that God has put in His Word to warn a nation of impending destruction (Isaiah 9:10). A harbinger is not to bring fear, it’s to bring a nation to repentance, so that destruction is averted. The exact same nine harbingers that were recorded in Isaiah 9: 10-12 that happened to Israel have all now appeared on the United States of America soil.