Shemita – There Was Much Warning Before Hurricane Matthew



Is it possible that there exists a 3,000 year old mystery that: Is determining America’s future, the world’s future, North Carolina’s and your future? A mystery that has determined the rise and fall of the economy and the collapse of Wall Street? It has pinpointed the greatest stock market crashes in history down to their exact dates? It foretells the rise and fall of nations and what may be the coming fall of America? A mystery that warns of a coming calamity and how to prepare for it?

The year 2016 is the Year of Jubilee both in the natural and in the prophetic. The Jubilee is a super Shemita with the word Shemita meaning sabbath and release, but it also means shaking, fall, and collapse. People are to be released from debts but also are expected to release others from debts.  To receive more information specifically on this understanding of the Shemita just click on this link and if necessary do a media search for Shemita Part 1.

Recently, on October 7th and 8th Hurricane Matthew came through eastern North Carolina and untold numbers were unprepared, which is unfortunate but also very curious.  It was shared for NINE months at Great Smyrna that there was going to be a release or collapse during the autumn of 2016.  It has been reported that more than 5,000 homes and around 7,000 businesses have been devastated due to flood waters around Lumberton and Robeson County, North Carolina as well as surrounding counties.  While the people of Robeson County are in tremendous need of help during this season and we are so grateful for the love that is pouring out from all over.  This post is to complement a message shared by Pastor Steve Johnson to exonerate the Lord with evidence that He, being a loving God, warned people of this devastation.

Year of Jubilee

It is necessary to understand first the Lord shared with us in January that 2016 is the Year of Jubilee both in the natural and in the prophetic.  The Jubilee is a super Shemita with the word Shemita meaning sabbath and release, but it also means shaking, fall, and collapse.  People are to be released from debts but also are expected to release others from debts.  This includes engaging in forgiveness of others as well as walking in the command of God’s Love, which is a protection device.  This also includes asking God for forgiveness both individually and institutionally.  The Holy Spirit led the leadership of Great Smyrna to begin ministering in ways to develop people’s faith for the Protection Perfect that God’s children have available to them, but will not just happen automatically and fall on a person like ripe cherry’s fall off of a tree.  There are things that man has a responsibility to do in order for that protection to be activated.  Great Smyrna invited everyone to attend the Protection Perfect series and even shared a testimony of how God supernaturally held back the Broad  River for Brother David Jenkins in Charleston, South Carolina during a one thousand year flood on October 2, 2015.  All of the houses around Brother Jenkins were flooded and no one understood why his property did not flood.  Brother Jenkins understood his authority as a believer and operated it very skillfully, which is required so that God can legally grant his people such miracles.

Preparing For Prosperity

Prosperity Proved and Not Moved is a series that develops people’s faith both naturally and supernaturally to understand the will of God for prosperity so that His people may prosper.  Presently, the Robeson County economy has collapsed with approximately 7,000 businesses affected by Hurricane Matthew floodwaters.  During this message series, it has been shared how to prosper by faith because of what will be happening in September and October of this year.  The archived messages share again and again that during the autumn of the 2016 year the economy would begin to collapse as required by God’s Word if there were no repentance and people learning their privilege of protection.  The Lord requires man to have an active part according to His Word and if man chooses not to comply then it opens the door for the destroyer who is Satan.

Warning Messages To The Masses


Fayetteville Observer New Tip Confirmation October 4, 2016

For nine months the Lord had been warning people as He wanted everyone to be safe and prosperous.  However, He must be given the legal right to do so by individual and institutional choices.  The most outstanding warnings are the two media releases Holy Spirit led Pastor Steve Johnson to send to the newspapers in Robeson County, Cumberland County, and Bladen County, which He did and they were received.  The first was submitted on July 5th, 2016. This media release was also submitted to more than ten major AM and FM local radio stations in Bladen, Columbus, Cumberland, and Robeson Counties (See July 5th Email Sent Below).  The opening paragraph stated:

“LUMBERTON, NC – Great Smyrna Baptist Church of 2074 Wire Grass Road, Lumberton, NC is giving all the people of Robeson County a gift valued at $100. The gift is a teaching series called the “Will To Heal” and it can be streamed or downloaded at without purchasing a subscription or being required to buy the teaching series. This gift is extremely timely for the people of Robeson for several major reasons but most importantly because of a biblical event that will begin its climax in the autumn of 2016.”

In the adjacent photograph, it is easy to see the second media release date of October 4, 2016 from the Fayetteville Observer that they did receive the media release.  The release includes a message about the Harbingers, which are prophetic signs that have already manifested in America to warn of impending destruction, which is not God’s desire because He is love BUT God cannot reward sin.  The Lord intended to use this media release to warn people of the October 7th and 8th Hurricane devastation.  This message is a must to listen to by all Christians but there is much wisdom for our local government leaders to glean from the Harbingers teaching.  It will be important for Eastern North Carolina local government leaders in the days to come to not make the same mistake that national leaders have made as Eastern North Carolina begins to rebuild.

Media Release Email Sent To Over 10 Major Local Radio Stations On July 5, 2016

Media Release Email Sent To Over 10 Major Local Radio Stations On July 5, 2016

The Lord in His grace and mercy warned again and again.  However, many did not receive nor position themselves to hear these warnings and it is a must for the individual to give Him a legal right to protect them.  While God is not sending hurricanes, since that is the result of weather patterns that have been cursed because of sin.  His protection is not automatic either because it must be activated by faith.  God always makes a way of escape for everyone but it comes through committing to His Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Many from the Great Smyrna family heeded to the warnings and came through Hurricane Matthew with some supernatural testimonies but these people stood in the Blood of Jesus and the Authority God has made available to His people.  There is tremendous opportunity ahead as we begin to build in this brand new season.

Free Audio Gift

If you would like to know what is ahead we would share at no cost Shemita Part 2. This powerful message is a Word ministered in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. This message is unlocked and requires no subscription or purchase. To receive your free audio gift to stream just click on this link and if necessary do a media search for Shemita Part 2.

God loves and has always made a way of escape for His people and He has a miracle for everyone if they have Faith For a Miracle!  God Is So Good!