Faith For Miracles


Faith For Miracles

Miracles are available to everyone all the time but the scripture says that not everyone will possess them.  The Word of God does say that “all things are possible to them that believe.”  Miracles are available to everyone at anytime according to their faith.  This ministry series will inspire people with the truth that “it is possible.”  There is no place for pretending when it comes to believing God for a miracle and He will help you to develop your faith.  A look will be taken at the disciples trying to possess a miracle for someone and “why it didn’t work”?  The answer will be shared as to the question of specifically how does faith for miracles come?  Three things will be shared that are necessary to receive a miracle every time.  Two things that stops a person from possessing their miracle will be exposed.  A final look will taken at how God does the work to provide every miracle.  What unlocks God’s power for a person to achieve the impossible every time is their Faith for Miracles.


What follows are testimonies shared by those who received miracles during the time the Faith For Miracles ministry series was ministered.

LIVING IN THE OVERFLOW: Judy Floyd shares about living in the overflow.  She believes when we tithe we can have miracle overflow of surplus and abundance. She shared that the book of Malachi says that when we bring the tithes into the storehouse God provides meat for our house. The Lord will pour so much out for you that you won’t have the ability to use it all. Judy said that it was getting close to Thanksgiving and it was time to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving 2018. She went to the store and they had them on sale for $0.68/lb. The cheapest that it had been in a long time. So, she bought her turkey.  About two days later, someone came in with two turkeys to give to her. A few days after that, someone said they’re giving us a certificate at work to get our turkey and I want you to have my turkey. A few days after that, her son Glenn came in and gave her a coupon for a rain check to get yet another turkey because they ran out. A few days after that, two more turkeys came in. So, she shared that she was living in the overflow.

Judy shared next what started the overflow was the confession we make on Sunday mornings before we give our tithes, offerings, alms, and sacrificial gifts of thanksgiving. She explained that we are making a confession that we believe what God has said about our abundance.  She shared that she had believed this confession for a long time. However before all the turkey’s started coming in, she said that in her spirit she said I believe it and received a deeper revelation of it. Next, it came up in her heart that she believed it and the Lord instructed her to give, but she was out of dollars.  So, she went through her purse and began looking for coins, which was all she had. She gave coins toward what the Lord was leading her to do. She explained how it was a wonderful thing to see how the Lord multiplied all those turkeys which was the result of her obedience and giving. She said that He wants us to obey him and He will supply because He is able.  

SUPERNATURALLY PROTECTED IN WRECK:  In 2018, Sam Hunt began to have a great burden for his son Brock and he began to pray to God to take care of him. Sam purchased Brock car, which he paid $2,000 cash. Within one week’s time, Brock had totally lost the car in a wreck. The emergency workers and the highway patrol knew that it was a miracle he survived the wreck.. The highway patrol officer said that Brock should have been dead. What happened is that Brock hit a median and the car flipped and landed on the roof, with a crushing blow. It could have destroyed and killed a short person, but with Brock being over six feet tall he had no harm. As the weight of all the car lay completely on the roof, Brock was able to just unbuckle the seatbelt and crawl out. When Amanda, his stepmother, got to him that night, he was eating supper and looked as though nothing had happened to him. Without God giving him a miracle Brock would be dead today.

HEALED OF RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS:  On Sunday October 28th, 2018 a person came to Great Smyrna at the end of worship service and asked for healing of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which there is no medical cure but only treatment. They explained how the drugs were not working and they were in tremendous pain. Immediately after prayer, they shared that the pain was leaving their body. They then testified before the whole congregation how much better they felt. By the time we all left to go home, they shared that more than 80% of the pain was gone and continuing to progress. We glorify and praise our GREAT God!

HEALED SUPERNATURALLY OF STAGE IV LIVER FAILURE:  Previously, a Great Smyrna congregational member was diagnosed with stage IV liver failure by their specialist. After the diagnosis was shared during a Wednesday night prayer session, there was a supernatural word of knowledge that was shared that God is healing people’s livers in the service. A few weeks later the Great Smyrna congregational member went to their doctor for follow-up over their liver. The doctor said “I don’t know what you are doing but your liver is no longer in failure and it is in as good a shape as it was back in the year 2012!” They shared their testimony with Great Smyrna and we glorify and praise our GREAT God with them!

HEALED OF JOINT PROBLEMS:  On Sunday December 16, 2018 at the end of service, it was time to act on the wonderful Christmas message. Holy Spirit began leading us to pray and then words of knowledge came forth for people to be healed of various afflictions and diseases. One of the afflictions that the Holy Spirit healed by word of knowledge was people with joint problems. The instruction at the end of service was for people who had accepted Jesus as savior and had changes in their bodies to testify to someone so to keep their miracle. One person testified to me at the very end of service that they were healed in their shoulder. There was another public testimony by one person that was healed through authority ( for more information see Will To Heal – 16-Authority Over Demons & Disease).

HEALED FOOT:  On December 19, 2018, there was a public testimony of a person healed on December 16, 2018 but did not know it at the time, which is not uncommon. The person testified they had been hurting in their foot for two months. They realized that they had not been hurting for the past two days and shared that their foot had been healed.HEALED FROM PAIN: On Sunday March 17th, a senior testified publicly that attended the Faith For Miracles March 10th (2019-03-10 10-Faith Over Condemnation Part 3) service shared that at the end of service they noticed that the pain they had been having in their body was gone and it has not been back.

HEALED TO STAND UP: On Sunday March 17th (2019-03-17 11-He Does The Works Part 1) a person came forth during the altar call to learn what was happening in their body. They explained that when they came to church that they could barely stand, which is common for them. However, at the end of the worship service they were able to stand without pain and testified before the congregation that changes were taking place in their body specifically in their knees. Before the whole congregation, they raised their knees with their thighs parallel to the floor.

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