Faith For Miracles

Miracles are available to everyone all the time but the scripture says that not everyone will possess them.  The Word of God does say that “all things are possible to them that believe.”  Miracles are available to everyone at anytime according to their faith. Ever needed a miracle from God but didn’t know how to skillfully obtain it. What unlocks God’s power for a person to achieve the impossible every time is their Faith for Miracles.

Prosperity Proved $ Not Moved

Prosperity Proved & Not Moved is a powerful series that Great Smyrna would give to increase your prosperity. Poverty is responsible for much of the suffering in the earth. Is victory and prosperity a part of the rights of a believer according to the Word Of God – The answer is YES! It is necessary for believers to understand and believe that God’s will is for them to prosper and that Prosperity is Proved & Not Moved.