Angels & Protection Perfect

Angels are one of many methods that God perfectly protects His children. “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways” is His promise to His children from Psalm 91:11. Psalm 91 “1He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow […]


Translation is a format of miracle that God has used since the beginning. The Lord shared with us that ‘for those who dare to believe and will trust the LORD and have faith in Him they will be translated into the Kingdom of God or into new dimensions of the Kingdom of God. People are […]

Protection Perfect

Protection Perfect is being ministered on Sundays at 11am and you are invited to attend. These are the most dangerous days to live in with crime, natural disasters, plagues, terrorist attacks, and so many things that can destroy in this world. However, anyone can learn how to activate and stay in the center of God’s PROTECTION that is PERFECT.

Shemita – There Was Much Warning Before Hurricane Matthew

Shemita Part 2 – There was at least NINE months of warning before Hurricane Matthew hit Eastern North Carolina. On July 5th and then again on October 4, 2016 media releases were sent to the local Newspapers and Radio Stations in Robeson, Cumberland, and Bladen County warning of impending destruction.


America is being warned. Harbingers are signs that God has put in His Word to warn a nation of impending destruction (Isaiah 9:10). A harbinger is not to bring fear, it’s to bring a nation to repentance, so that destruction is averted. The exact same nine harbingers that were recorded in Isaiah 9: 10-12 that happened to Israel have all now appeared on the United States of America soil.