Healing Gift For Jubilee Rift


Great Smyrna Baptist Church is giving all the people but especially our neighbors in Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, and Cumberland Counties a gift valued at $100. The gift is a teaching series called the “Will To Heal” and it can be streamed or downloaded at greatsmyrna.com without purchasing a Will To Healsubscription or being required to buy the teaching series. This gift is extremely timely for the people of those counties for several major reasons because of a biblical event that will begin its climax in the autumn of 2016.

A smaller version of this biblical event happened in the autumn of 2008 as recorded it would from God’s Word. The few who honored His Word were prospered and enjoyed better health but for the masses that did not had the following results. The National Bureau Of Economic Research reported that “spending on prescription drugs and health care services dropped more sharply than total spending.” The National Center for Biotechnology Information reported those most affected had a nearly 50% increase in the likelihood of feeling depressed. There was a loss of $20,050 dollars from hospitalizations per child. This gift comes at very critical time to Robeson County as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released the 2016 North Carolina county rankings for health outcomes. Of the 100 counties in North Carolina: Robeson County is ranked in position 100 with 11,300 premature deaths; Bladen County is ranked in position 91 with 10,200 premature deaths; Columbus County is ranked in position 96 with 11,600 premature deaths and Cumberland County is ranked in position 75 with 9,200 premature deaths. While this seems grim there is hope based upon research from world-renowned meta-cognitive neuroscientists Dr. Caroline Leaf.

According to Dr. Leaf, research shows that around 87% of all illnesses can be attributed to our thought life. Another way to say that is our soul life since our soul is composed of the mind, will, and emotions. There is now empirical evidence that sickness and diseases actually begins not in the anatomical and physical realm of a person but rather begins in the soul and spirit realm, which has always been the case according to the God’s Word. Dr. Leaf has shared that the research also reveals that 98% of cancer has it’s point of origin in how a person manages their soul or thought life.

The Will To Heal series is a gift from Great Smyrna Baptist Church and has the capacity to restructure a person’s soul or mind so that the healing power of God may flow. God’s healing is not automatic as it must be skillfully acquired. To access this gift or to read healing testimonies go to the $100 Healing Gift and follow the instructions. For individuals without internet access, they are welcome to attend Healing Class..