$40 Gift – Love Of God

Great Smyrna Baptist Church would like to give you a $40 gift so that you overcome EVERY time through living the more excellent life and so that you have the SUPER FUEL for your faith to achieve the impossible through the “Love Of God” series.

Love Of GodSelfishness is the cause of all the pain and suffering in the earth. The absolute cure for everything wrong in this earth is the wonderful Love Of God. While selfishness is concerned only with taking, it is the Love Of God that gives. Being selfish and self-centered are the nature of the flesh but this can be overcome by the Love Of God. A person who commits to live in the God kind of Love is truly living the more excellent life. Acting and responding in the divine love the way God loves will cause a person to overcome EVERY time. This type of Love never fails. It is also this type of Love that our faith must work by. The Love Of God is the greatest Love Of ALL.

This series is unlocked and requires no subscription or purchase. To receive your free audio gift to stream or download just click on this link and if necessary do a media search for the Love Of God.

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Great Smyrna Baptist Church loves you because God first loved us and because God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His only begotten son (John 3: 16).