Feet To The Street – Teen Saving Machine – 2016 Training Super Results

Feet To Street

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, Smyrna Baptist Church held a “Feet To The Street” Teen Saving Machine Training.  This training is for teens and has three targets.  The first target is to identify the most effective scriptural two step process to pray for the lost and unsaved.  Second is to understand the key components of leading a person to the Lord.  Third is the development of communication skills for how to lead a person to the Lord.  Lastly, they take their feet to the street to practice what they have learned.

The training is super teen friendly and highly interactive and when the participants were asked through an anonymous survey what they liked one youth said “the Bind’em and Unblind’em” activity was the most helpful activity. On a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (outstanding/perfect), a whopping 86% of the participants found the amount of information, skill practice, and overall training experience a 5 being OUTSTANDING/PERFECT with the other 14% giving it a rating of 4 out of 5.   Youth facilitators that helped with parts of the training included students from the NC Baptist Children’s Home specifically the Odum Home  of Pembroke, NC.  The training survey found that 100% of the participants gave these Odum Home youth facilitators a perfect score of 5 on being energetic, organized, and clearly explaining the information and answered questions.

One youth was so excited about Smyrna Baptist Church and the “Feet To The Street” Teen Saving Machine training that when asked what they were going to do next they said “tell everyone about what I learned and persuade them to come here.”