Light To The Open Door – Part 6 – Take Off The Coat Of Pain And Put On The Coat Of Gain

Take off the coat of pain and put on the coat of gain is a word to deliver families suffering from generational curses. Families are in process of being judged, which is not the Lord’s desire. What is happening is that parents who engaged in fornication, drug addiction, adultery, etc… in one generation are now receiving judgment with the next younger generation following in their footsteps. The Lord says “ENOUGH.” The instrument that the Lord gives us to destroy the enemy’s family generational curses and break his back is the communion table with the broken bread and blood. The communion table and the authority of the believer are the instruments that breaks generational family curses. Learn how to skillfully use the Light To The Open Door to possess these two instruments to break family generational curses and set the families free!

Light To The Open Door – Part 5 – Upon The Light Of The Lord Lean And Walk Through The Door Of Your Dreams

Upon the light of the Lord lean and walk through the door of your dreams is a message that reveals how to walk out of hell into your dreams of wholeness. Acts 12:10 the scripture reads “When they were past the first and the second ward, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city; which opened to them of his own accord: and they went out, and passed on through one street; and forthwith the angel departed from him.” The iron gate in this scripture is a reflection of judgment. Judgment is not a bad thing if people have been doing what they were should have been doing. Notice, there are three doors or passage points guarded by the devil and there were three articles of clothing that the Lord instructed Peter to put on. What are those doors that Peter went through and how do you gain the victory in going through those doors? So, Peter went through the first, second, and third door because Peter had a Word from the Lord. There are three things that you see Peter do to walk through the devil’s doors and he learned it from Jesus when He was tempted by the enemy. This is the time for people to walk in their dreams. This is the season to move through the door that the devil used to hold you down and keep you back. When you follow the light into your faith attack the devil’s door is moving back. When once upon the light of the Lord you lean, then you will walk through the door of your dreams.

Light To The Open Door – Part 4 – Peter Went Out And That Is What They Are Talking About

Peter went out of the Prison and that is what they are talking about to this day. Peter is in the process of being delivered as outlined in Acts 12:8 – “And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me.” Once Peter completed all of the instructions in the order the light shared it with him there was miraculous deliverance. After Peter held tight to the truth and then he put his sandals on and tied them on tight with lastly putting on his coat. He held tight to the truth of the written Word of God. Then, he tied on tight to his feet the anointed Word in which he stood. Lastly, he took his garment of authority and put it on. After he did those things the scripture shares the next thing that he did is that ‘he went out.’ Peter went out. Once he did all the things that the light instructed him to do he walked right through the devil’s door and into so much more. Peter went out and to this day that is still what they are talking about.

Light To The Open Door – Part 3 – Struck With A Fatal Blow And Still Would Not Let Go

Struck with a fatal blow but still would not let go reveals how Peter is in the midst of the darkest place that a person could be, and in the midst of this dark time, he is asleep. In the midst of Satan’s demonic double down, God is in the process of turning it around. Harmful relationships where Satan is binding people to death are to be broken. There are going to be some light licks that are to be administered. Light licks are revelations that the light of the Word of God brings to people this year suddenly to bring them to the open door. In the midst of oppression, darkness, and hurtful things that Peter endured, it all changed at the saying of the Lord. Peter like Jacob has been struck with a fatal blow and he still would not let go. Don’t be surprised if you look at something and think it’s gone and then turn your head away and then back again to see that it’s full grown. The Jewish sages help us understand in this that the Lord healed Jacob after he became Israel through the Sun of Righteousness. It is the Sun Of Righteousness that healed his hip. And, light from the Sun opened the door for Jacob to become Israel and have victory to quickly come.

Light To The Open Door – Part 2 – Peter, Prison, and  Warfare Prayer

Peter, Prison, and Warfare Prayer is the desire of the Lord for his people to go free this year. Do not be surprised if you hear of people who are attacked on every side. Satanic attack can come from every direction. Prayer is the thing that can take heavy attack and move it back. There is at our disposal and while under heavy attack we have the ability to increase and not be defeated by lack. In the midst of any attack that may happen this year we have an instrument that will keep us in perfect safety, which is prayer.It was the urgent and fervent prayer of the church in warfare prayer that delivered Peter from prison by providing the light to the open door.