Light To The Open Door – Part 4 – Peter Went Out And That Is What They Are Talking About

Light To The Open Door – Part 4 – Peter Went Out And That Is What They Are Talking About

Part 4 Peter Went Out And That Is What They Are Talking About

Peter went out of the Prison and that is what they are talking about to this day.  Peter is in the process of being delivered as outlined in Acts 12:8 – “And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me.”  The light is moving him to the open door.  Peter, in the midst of oppression by overwhelming demon forces is doing what is necessary to cause Satan to lose his grip.  Why is Satan losing his grip? Because, Peter is in submission. Once people are submitted to the Lord, Satan has to quit his attack.  Satan is losing a handle on things that he worked up for a long time. Those devices that Satan has used to hurt people with are being destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Hold Tight To The Truth 

The first thing the angel, which is the Word of God and the light, said to Peter was ‘gird thyself.’  Through this verse the the light is saying to Peter ‘get ready.’  In telling Peter to put on his belt, sandals, and coat, the light is telling him to get ready.  The light was telling Peter that – even though you’re on the inside of prison and hell to begin to dress like you’re on the outside of prison and hell. He was instructing him to begin to dress for where he is headed. The light is instructing Peter to dress ahead and by that he is telling him to be dressed for where you’re headed.  

Of the articles of clothing to put on, the first instruction was for Peter to put on his belt. What does that mean? The belt was worn around the waist and what held their garments close to their body. The belt according to Ephesians 6 represents the truth, which is the Word of God. So, the belt represents the written Word of God. This is the season people are to hold tight to the truth, which is the belt to be worn. When a person is facing demonic attack and there are reapers roaming the earth, it is then that they must hold tight to the truth. The truth is the written Word of God. What is critically important and the first thing that a person should have and hold to is the written Word.

As you hold tight to the truth, this makes certain that your core is covered. The place that the belt covers is known as the core. The core of a person’s body is the midsection and it represents their future, destiny, power, and seed. The core is the place where people contain their increase. It’s the place where you multiply. The core area of the body is where women have their eggs and men have their seed.

In that same scripture, after the light shares to ‘gird thyself’, it begins to share ‘to bind on thy sandals.’ What does the light mean with bind on thy sandals?  So, a person is to hold tight to the truth that they have, which is the written Word of God. Next, they are to tie their sandals or shoes.

Tie It On Tight

In Ephesians chapter 6, it says that ‘we’re to shod our feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.’ These shoes are pointing to the gospel of peace. What is the difference between the belt of truth and the shoes that are the gospel of peace. The gospel of peace is the good news of the anointed Word. We are to hold on tight to the truth of the Word of God, but we are to stand on and tie tight to our feet the anointed Word of God. The anointed Word is the Rhema word.

For faith to be fully operational and functional, you have to have both the written Word and the Rhema Word. The written Word of God must be turned into a Rhema word by way of the Holy Spirit. Much in the same way that Jesus turned water into wine, it is necessary for the logos or written Word of God to be turned into Rhema.   

The sandals represent the anointed Word. In Romans chapter 10:17,  it says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The first ‘hearing’ in this verse refers to the logos word of God.  The second ‘and hearing by the word of God’ refers to the Rhema Word of God. This includes many things, but most especially the preached Word of God. For example, consider how many times someone has read a scripture and not understood it.  Then, they have someone who is called by God such as as a pastor or teacher and they read the same scripture and illumination comes at a whole new level. The reason is because the Holy Spirit is illuminating through the speaking gift (Ephesians 4) of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher and here comes the Rhema Word.

It is the anointed Word that people will have to stand upon in this season. The personal words that God has given you are going to have to be stood on. The things that He has spoken to you personally in times past are to be harvested in this season. This is the season that people are to move into mansions, millions, multiplication, and many miraculous other things. The reason for this is because of standing in the anointed Word.  In the same way a person puts pressure on the shoes that they wear, it is necessary for them to pressure on those anointed Words that God has ministered to them.


In this verse of scripture, we see the light give one last article of clothing instruction after putting on the belt and the shoes. The putting on of the belt and shoes is holding tight to the truth and tying on tight the shoes to the feet as standing on the anointed Word. Notice, that there are three parts to Peter’s faith. Earlier we see Peter is sleeping, which represents that he is resting in faith. Next, it can be seen that Peter is putting on his belt and his shoes, which represents he’s now in standing faith. As soon as he gets the next garment instruction, he is walking and that reflects walking by faith.

What provided Peter to move into standing faith was the anointed Word.  In this season, the anointed word is to become extremely important. Notice, the light gave Peter an instruction and then the light paused. The light is waiting for Peter to comply with the instructions that he’s been given at the same time testing him with the first instructions before releasing to him the next instructions. Why did the angel do it in this format?

Purpose Of The Pause

The last garment instruction to Peter was given by the light to put on his garment or coat. The garment or coat can represent many different things, but in this situation it represents authority. Peter is about to walk through heavy demonic guard.  The way that it will be possible for him to do so is by authority that God has given man over the enemy. Be prepared to receive instructions from the Lord this season that have a pause. The purpose of the pause is to determine what you will do with it.  Once you come into compliance with what he has shared for you to do already, then you will walk in a higher level of authority.

Notice again, the angel gave him two garment instructions then paused and waited for him to come into compliance before he gave him the last garment instruction. What is happening here is that the light is ministering a Word to Peter and once Peter submits to the Word then he will be able to exercise authority over the enemy.  Once a person has received and is ‘holding tight to the truth’, which is the belt and the word of God. And next, they’re standing firmly in the anointed Word. Now, it is time to take the authority that God has given them and exercise it over the enemy.

The coat represents authority.  Once a person is holding tight to the truth and standing in the anointed Word.  Now, they can put on their coat to begin to exercise authority over the enemy and walk right through the devil’s doors.  The light shared with Peter to take up his garment is also saying to Peter to take up his authority given to him by God. By taking up the garment, he’s giving him the instruction that he should begin to exercise authority that God has given him over the enemy.

This is the season people must begin to use their authority.  I believe the Lord would say to us and share with us that where certain things did not work before, it will work now. Begin to exercise your authority in ways you haven’t even thought of before.  As you begin to operate in authority in ways you never thought of before, that is going to be the light to the open door.

He Went Out

Once Peter completed all of the instructions in the order that the light shared with Him there was miraculous deliverance.  After Peter held tight to the belt of truth and then put his shoes on and tied them on tight with lastly putting on his coat. He held tight to the truth of the written Word of God.  Then, he tied on tight to his feet the anointed Word in which he stood. Lastly, he took his garment of authority and put it on.

After he did those things the scripture shares the next thing that he did is that ‘he went out.’ Peter went out. Once he did all the things that the light instructed him to do he walked right through the devil’s door and into so much more.  Peter went out and to this day that is still what they are talking about.

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