Light To The Open Door – Part 3 – Struck With A Fatal Blow And Still Would Not Let Go

Struck with a fatal blow but still would not let go reveals how Peter is in the midst of the darkest place that a person could be, and in the midst of this dark time, he is asleep. In the midst of Satan’s demonic double down, God is in the process of turning it around. Harmful relationships where Satan is binding people to death are to be broken. There are going to be some light licks that are to be administered. Light licks are revelations that the light of the Word of God brings to people this year suddenly to bring them to the open door. In the midst of oppression, darkness, and hurtful things that Peter endured, it all changed at the saying of the Lord. Peter like Jacob has been struck with a fatal blow and he still would not let go. Don’t be surprised if you look at something and think it’s gone and then turn your head away and then back again to see that it’s full grown. The Jewish sages help us understand in this that the Lord healed Jacob after he became Israel through the Sun of Righteousness. It is the Sun Of Righteousness that healed his hip. And, light from the Sun opened the door for Jacob to become Israel and have victory to quickly come.