Light To The Open Door – Part 1 – Rise Up Quickly

Light To The Open Door – Part 1 – Rise Up Quickly

Light To The Open Door

This year 2019 is the year “Light To The Open Door. God is opening the door for gracious and mighty things to happen this year in the church. There will be absolutely spectacular things happening this year for those people who plan to embrace and do what He instructs them to do.

As early as September 2018, it was shared in the spirit that this is the year of the light to the open door. There are supernatural things to happen in the media, business, government, health industry, and the church. This is a year of abundant harvest, but only for those in the church who have been doing what they should have been doing.

Always remember, those in the church who are doing what they should be doing will have the Word of the Lord to bless and increase them by providing harvest.  However, those who don’t believe and have not been doing what they should then the opposite will happen to them.

Golden Text Acts 12: 1 – 11
Acts 12: 1-11 “1Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church. 2And he killed James the brother of John with the sword. 3And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.) 4And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.  5Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.  6And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison. 7And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands. 8And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy garment about thee, and follow me. 9And he went out, and followed him; and wist not that it was true which was done by the angel; but thought he saw a vision.  10When they were past the first and the second ward, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city; which opened to them of his own accord: and they went out, and passed on through one street; and forthwith the angel departed from him. 11And when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.”

This year of light to the open door is the year of opportunity. It is the year of escape.  The year of deliverance. And, it is a year of separation. This is a year of blessing and increase with every good and perfect gift that can manifest for the children of Israel.

Focal Points Of Revelation

What follows are the focal point of revelation that will be developed in order to have the keys necessary for a successful and victorious years.

Verse 1 – Herod vexing certain of the church.

Verse 2 – The killing of James the brother of John with the sword.

Verse 4 – Placing Peter in prison.

Verse 5 – Peter was kept in prison and much prayer was made for him.

Verse 6 – Peter sleeping between two soldiers bound with two chains.

Verse 7 – The light from the angel that showed up in the prison. The awakening of Peter with a hit on the side.

Verse 8 – What the angel told Peter to do.

Verse 9 – Peter did not know that it was true which was done by the angel but thought he saw a vision.

Verse 10 – Peter passed the first and second ward and then went through the iron gate.

Verse 11 – Peter says that he came to himself.

Light To The Open Door Introduction Summary

The light to the open door introduction summary has several keys to focus on. Peter has been placed in prison. During Peter’s imprisonment, there was a light that came in to where he was. This light came from the third heaven, which was also an angel. The angel is giving him instruction and providing him light. Peter acts on the specific instructions of the angel and as he does he gains freedom into new areas.

First, Peter became free in the prison cell.   Next, he gained freedom and came through the first ward and then the second ward. After that, he comes to the iron gate leading out of the city and goes through it as the iron gate supernaturally moves. His freedom was a process and it came incrementally and quick.

What opened the door for Peter to experience the freedom at all those levels? It was the light.  It is the light of the angel. Also, it is the light of the Word. With each piece of light, he is able to take another step of freedom.

Notice that in verse 10, the last gate that Peter went through was an iron gate.   Generally, iron in the scripture means judgment. With Peter going through the iron gate, it represents that Peter received harvest and not judgment. He didn’t receive the judgment of death but he did receive the harvest of life.  It was granted to Peter with supernatural angelic help.

I believe this year we will experience supernatural visitations of angels for the assignments that God has given us, which is why it will be necessary to have these supernatural angels to help us.  In verse eight, the angel provides help through sharing very specific things for Peter to do, which open the door to his deliverance. Later in verse 10, it is possible to see that Peter had success as a result of doing those things the angel instructed him to do.

God Must Allow Pruning And Purging

The scripture says that Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church. Herod is representative of Satan.   The church is to be attacked. It is Satan’s attempt to hurt the church this year and the verse where it says that Herod ‘stretched’ forth his hands in the Greek and Aramaic is actually the word ‘began.’ This is prophetic of where we presently are because the enemy has already started his attacks.

This year God must allow pruning and purging.  Pruning is the cutting back of trees and shrubs for more growth.  Purging is removing dead portions of a tree or shrub because it no longer produces.  For example, if one has a tree that is growing towards an electrical or utility line and that tree is growing into the way of that electrical line then it has the ability to destroy and hurt those connected to that electrical line who use it’s electricity should it fall by a wind or ice storm. So, it is necessary for it to be pruned in order to shape it so that all may be safe.

Killed James But Not John

The scripture says that Herod killed James but does it say that anyone killed John? No, it does not. This is an important lesson. What was it that allowed James to be purged but not John.  The lesson is that John was the beloved. Meaning, John was completely protected by love because he had a revelation of the love of God. Because John had such a revelation of the love of God no one was able to kill or purge John.

Separation Between Old Says And New Ways

In verse three, the Jews represent the old covenant.  The church represents the new covenant. Those in the old covenant were not walking in love.  One group that is watching another group fall and taking pleasure in their fall reveals that they are not walking in love. The Jews representing the old covenant did not have the revelation of love in the way the church does.

In this year, the revelation from this verse that is to help people tremendously is this. The old ways and methods have come to finality. God is going to be ministering in many new ways and things this year.  This is the season for those changes to begin. This is the season to call specific methods from old ways of doing things to come to finality.

Something to watch for is this. Should the people administering things the old way begin to condemn those who are doing things the new way, it will not go well for those condemning.  Those from the old way condemning the ones who are doing it the new way will begin to condemn themselves. This is going to cause those that are condemning to fall.

Heavy Attack

In verse 4, there is the mention of four quaternion of soldiers that represent demons. This represents a heavy guard of demons. It also represents huge oppression of the enemy. Do not be surprised this year to see people come under heavy attack from the enemy. Also,  do not be surprised to see people bombarded on every side and under heavy oppression of the enemy.

Those who should have been doing certain things that the Lord has instructed them to do and were actually doing them will be prepared. Those who have been training and practicing on how to minister in this gospel message will be ready to engage in spiritual combat. Those will be the people who come through with success. These are the people who will embrace the victory.

This heavy demonic attack will not be handled well by those in the church who have not been training or have not received the word of authority. Those not familiar with the teaching on authority of the believer and ability will lose ground in the spiritual and then the natural. Those who do not know how to use their words skillfully will walk in defeat.

Language Of Faith And The Language Of Love

This year it is going to be necessary to speak both the language of faith and the language of love. It was during last year that the Lord began to help us practice in the weaponry of thanksgiving, praise, and worship. This year it is going to be necessary to use the biggest weaponry that we have available to us, which is thanksgiving, praise, and worship .

It is no accident that King David, the mightiest warrior recorded in world history, is also the most celebrated for praise and worship in history.  It is possible to see throughout the scriptures where King David would first begin to praise and worship, which is fighting in spiritual warfare. Next, we would see him fight a natural battle and win the victory. Spiritual warfare must be engaged first through praise and worship before engaging in natural warfare.

Thanksgiving, praise, and worship is the language of love.  It is this language of love that Satan cannot stand and he must flee from. A person who engages in this language of love sends the enemy running. To change the environment to victory, one must minister in the language of love, which is thanksgiving, praise, and worship.

Satan Was Keeping But Peter Was Sleeping

Peter is in prison. There is four quaternions of soldiers guarding, which is representative of being under heavy guard and heavy demonic oppression. This represents that Peter is about as deep in the prison as he can be.   His hands are connected to two chains representative of being connected to two devils. Peter’s hands being chained is also representative of not being able to praise and worship the Lord as he would desire or choose to.

While Peter was in the darkest place of the prison, under the heaviest guard, and chained to two devils, a look should be taken at what Peter was doing. The answer is he was sleeping.   While Satan was keeping or guarding, oppressing, and attacking, Peter was sleeping. In the midst of a hopeless, oppressive, dark, hurtful, and troublesome situation, Peter is sleeping.

Peter sleeping is prophetic and representative of the rest of faith (Hebrews 3-4). Yes, while Satan was keeping Peter was sleeping. This is a beautiful example and lesson for what the church must do today.

Rise Up Quickly

The scripture in verse 7 says that the angel raised Peter up saying to him – a Word. It was something that was said that rose Peter up. The angel said something.  Peter agreed with it and acted on it. Next, he rose quickly. It is necessary to use Words very skillfully this year.

This year the church is to confess that “I Rise up quickly.” Even though the enemy may have heavy guard with a heavy attack, the church must call on the Lord and say that He is going to raise me up quickly. The church this year has the ability to rise up quickly. This year, as our words and faith align with God’s Word, we will rise up quickly.  The word from the Lord this year to get you out of demonic attack and oppression is that “I will rise up quickly.”

This year as people begin to make this confession they will come through obstacles, hardships, trials, and troubles. As they begin to make this confession, they will come into the greatest victories that they have ever had in their lives.

This year as people receive the word and act on it even the the biggest obstacles confronting them will not stop them.  Those who use this Word skillfully will walk through judgment unscathed. The things that Satan has been lying to people about for years and telling them that they will not have, this is the year that they will have it. The good thing that people have been dreaming that Satan said it could never happen, this is the year that people walk in their dreams and they come true.

This year the door that has stopped you and that has blocked your path for years past is to open. That which has kept you from the dream and that which has kept you from the promise will all of the sudden open for you.  That door that has been closed is opening this year without any natural support or help. This year be prepared to receive The Light To The Opens Door.

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