Light To The Open Door – Part 6 – Take Off The Coat Of Pain And Put On The Coat Of Gain

Light To The Open Door – Part 6 – Take Off The Coat Of Pain And Put On The Coat Of Gain

In Acts 12:10 we see that once Peter approached the iron gate that led out of the city, it opened on its own. The iron gate represents judgment. Many will have the ability to walk in their dreams as a result of doing what the Lord has instructed them to do. However, there will be those that will not make it beyond the iron gate because of wrong choices and they’ll be judged accordingly. God is allowing this because they have brought it upon themselves, but His desire is for people to repent and not harm themselves.


Most recently it has been discovered through prayer that many families are in process of being judged. What is happening is that parents who engaged in fornication, drug addiction, adultery, etc… in one generation is now receiving judgment within the next generation as the younger family members are now following in their footsteps. As the Holy Spirit began revealing this to me through many different specific family examples, I heard Him in my heart say “ENOUGH.” I perceived him to share in my heart ‘enough’ and then share how to break the enemy’s yoke of generational family curses. The Lord word is breaking the back of the enemy and destroying his yolks that he has used to hurt families for generations.

Christians are part of the family of God. Remember in the gospels where Jesus taught and a messenger came to him and said that his mother and brothers wanted to speak to him. Next, Jesus looked at the messenger and said who is my mother and brother except for those who do my word. Those in the household of faith are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Satan has just killed James in Acts 12:2. Now, Satan is looking to kill another brother, which is Peter. However, it didn’t happen and the reason why is because something stopped Satan in his tracks. What was the instrument that was used to keep Satan from hurting Peter will be answered at the end of this word.

First, if there is an instrument that will work this wonderful with spiritual families can it be the same way with natural families? Yes, what works within the family of God will work also with natural families. Instruments that can be used successfully with the spiritual family should be used within all families.

Put Your Coat On

In Acts 12:8, we talked about where it says ‘gird thyself’ and how this refers to holding on to the written logos Word of God. The sandals in verse 8 is referring to the Rhema Word of God. The last article of clothing was the garment or coat, which symbolizes many things but it is important to develop it’s meaning of authority as a instrument to conquer spiritual generational curses. The coat of authority that we have already ministered on needs to be developed more. Ultimately, the angel told Peter to put your coat on, which means to put on or take up the authority of the believer.

Let’s look at another coat. In Mark 10:46-52, we see blind Bartimaeus become healed. There are two very important things to point out as it relates to breaking the enemy’s back in an effort for people to be able to receive the blessing and break the generational curses over their families. The first thing was the method that Bartimaeus used to take Jesus attention. The second thing was the action of faith that Bartimaeus used to obtain his miracle.

The Language Of Love Is Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship

As we speak to God in the language of love, through thanksgiving, praise, and worship, it opens the door for him to speak to us in the language of faith. Faith is based on a personal intimate relationship. It’s necessary to receive that personal instruction from the Lord.

The language of love is thanksgiving, praise, and worship (Hebrews 13:15). It’s necessary to minister to the Lord in the language of love so that he can give you the words of faith that will be the currency for you to possess the miracle. There are seven expressions of praise and worship outlined in the Bible that God says are his way to communicate and express love toward Him.

The Shout & The Straight Shot

Bartimaeus cried out (Mark 10:47). In this cry out to the Lord, Bartimaeus is praising the Lord Jesus. Even more, he is praising him specifically with one of the expressions of praise. He’s expressing his thanksgiving and praise to Jesus through shabach, which is the shout.

Take note where Bartimaeus and Jesus are at. They are at Jericho. It was Jericho where the shout unto the Lord broke down the walls. Authorities help us to understand that the walls of Jericho were so wide that chariots raced on top of them. They also help us to understand that chariots could run as many as four chariots wide on top of those walls. In the days of Joshua the walls of Jericho were considered impenetrable.

The walls of Jericho fell flat. What that means is the walls didn’t fall to the outside or to the inside. The earth opened its mouth and the walls fell straight down. This enabled the children of Israel to go straight in to the city of Jericho and take it. The scripture says that the Lord will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:6) and this is exactly what He did. When God removes obstacles for you He does it so supernaturally in a way so that you have a straight shot.

Praise On

Bartimaeus is thanking and praising God (Mark 10:47). He is asking for mercy from God but he is doing it with a shout. Next, the scripture says that many charged him that he should hold his peace. Meaning, they instructed him that he should be quiet (Mark 10:48). Be cautious about standing in the way of people’s praise. If a person holds back the praise of another then they have become a stumbling block. Jesus said it’s better for those who make one of these little ones to stumble to have a millstone to be tied around their neck and be thrown into the midst of the sea.

In holding back a person or discouraging them from praising the one true God, it’s possible that the discouraging person is keeping them from their miracle. It’s critically important to not stand in the path of one’s praise. For the glory or miracle to manifest, it is necessary to move beyond praise in to worship. Carnal people do not like it when individuals move from praise in to worship as it makes them uncomfortable.

Bartimaeus moved beyond praise in to worship when he decided to praise on. When carnal people tried to stop him from praising the Lord and he made a decision to go forward and praise Jesus anyway is when he moved into worship. When a person moves into worship the next thing that follows is the glory, which is the manifestation of the miracle.

When Bartimaeus moved into worship it was then that Jesus called for him. He now has revelation that his love for Jesus is more than the evil carnal desires of the people around him. Bartimaeus love for Jesus and his confession of him being merciful is greater than complainers trying to keep him from his miracle.

Take Off The Coat Of Pain

The coat Bartimaeus was wearing represented that he was an impoverished man. It represented that he was a man of sickness, frailty, disease. It also represented hurt, blindness, lack, and pain. Emotionally, it represented the hurt of having to depend upon the mercy of man which is not mercy at all. The coat was a reminder to him that he had to depend on others instead of God.

Once Bartimaeus took off the coat of darkness and pain, it was then that he was able to rise up to come to Jesus. It’s necessary to take off the coat of darkness and blindness. Today, this coat represents many things such as generational curses like: fornication, addiction, sickness and disease of long continuous, and other family generational curses. It’s time to take that coat off and replace it with another.

Put On The Coat Of Authority And Gain

There was something that stopped Satan in his tracks from hurting Peter (Acts 12:1-4). There is an instrument that the Lord has given us and allows us to use in order to break the devil’s back. What allows us to put on the coat of authority in order to take break family generational curses in our families from any future hurt is a very powerful spiritual instrument.

The instrument that the Lord gives us to destroy the enemy’s family generational curses and break his back is the communion table with the broken bread and blood. This is confirmed through Acts 12:3 where it refers to the days of unleavened bread. The next verse speaks of bringing Peter to be killed after the passover meal, which is the New Testament communion meal, specifically, the communion table. The communion table is the instrument that breaks generational family curses and the authority of the believer.

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