Prophet’s Reward

Prophet’s Reward

Prophet’s Reward

The prophet’s reward is a method God uses to minister miracles. It can be used to receive miracles in the area of healing. It can also be used in the area of prosperity as well as the area of miraculous protection. Jesus ministered and shared some of the best insight about what He called the prophet’s reward.

In Matthew 10: 1-42, it can be seen where Jesus taught the prophet’s reward. In the first part of that chapter, Jesus gave the disciples power and authority. After He gives them power and authority then He begins to prepare them to be sent out. In verse 8, He explains how to use the power and authority by telling the disciples to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out devils.

In verse 9, He shares something very specific about not taking gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purse for your journey and not to take two coats or any weapon. Next, He says something very unique. Jesus said that the workman is worthy of his meat.

Law Of Exchange

Part of the revelation with this is that Jesus told them to not take anything with them because the people who they minister to are expected to minister back to his authorized disciples. Through the law of exchange, in Luke chapter 6 we learn the disciples were to minister to the people in those places where they were sent and those people being ministered to were to honor Jesus’s disciples and provide for them (Galatians 6:6).  

Jesus instructed the disciples to go into different cities and he said to inquire of those who are worthy and stay with them. He is instructing the disciples to find people who desire and honor the word. He instructs them to find those people who honor and respect the miracles that He is ministering to those people through His disciples. The people who are being ministered these miracles to were to share with Jesus’ disciples and provide for their needs because He said that the workman is worthy of his meat.

By honoring the disciples, they honored Jesus. The people who received the disciples are actually receiving Jesus.   The ones who honor the disciples also honor Jesus. Jesus said if you give a cup of water to one of these little ones you are giving it to me (Mark 9:41). So, once one have given to the disciple you have have given it unto Jesus.


Jesus then taught the disciples that once the power and authority was ministered with success don’t be surprised if you’re persecuted. He began to explain to the disciples that once they begin to minister this power and authority persecution would come.  

Jesus taught the disciples to not be concerned about the persecution, because the Father God understands and will keep them. He explained to not be overly concerned about the persecution because the Father would protect them. Jesus shared to not let the persecution keep you from ministering the power and the authority that would set the captives free.

Persecution for the Jesus name sake is part of the sufferings of Christ we have been called to. The sufferings of Christ is not allowing sickness into your body or being impoverished. The sufferings of Christ include being persecuted because of using the all powerful name of Jesus to minister miracles, which are demonstrations of His word.

Prophets Reward Is A Higher Reward

In Matthew 10:40, Jesus teaches that whoever receives the disciple receives me, and he that receives me receives Him that sent Me. If a person receives Jesus then they have received the Father God. In addition to that if a person receives the disciple, they will also receive Jesus and the Father God.

In Matthew 10:41, He begins to share a very powerful miracle ministry tool and principle, which is the prophet’s reward. In this verse He shares that: if you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet then you shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth the righteous man in the name of the righteous man shall receive a righteous man reward.

Jesus taught that you will have reward in this life and the next. He contrast the difference between the prophet’s reward and the righteous man reward.  There is a reason for that and it is because they’re two different things. What’s obvious to see is they are two different levels of reward. The prophet’s reward is a higher reward as compared to the righteous man’s reward, but both are good and important.

Why Send Elijah To Zarephath

A tremendous lesson on the prophet’s reward is taught through the prophet Elijah in I Kings 17: 1-17.  Elijah was living at the brook Cherith by the instruction of the Lord. There’s been no rain and now the brook has dried up. The Lord gives the prophet instruction of what to do next.  They’re in the midst of a drought, which has caused famine in the land.

In the midst of this drought and famine the Lord is feeding Elijah miraculously by ravens. The Jewish sages help us to understand how miraculous this is. The ravens were actually bringing Elijah ready made meals. The meals consisted of meats that were boiled, baked, or broiled.   The Lord provided for Elijah and once the brook dried up he could have sent him anywhere to miraculously provide and sustain the prophet. However, the Lord sent him to a widow woman in Zarephath.

The word of the Lord came to Elijah that he is to go to Zarephath.  The Lord instructed him that there was a widow woman there to provide for him. Now, the question is why send him to Zarephath when he could have sent him anywhere?  The answer to that is because the widow and her son are about to eat their last meal and die.

Open The Door To The Prophet’s Reward

Notice, the instruction that the prophet gave the widow woman was for her to go make a cake but to give it to him first. At first glance, that looks selfish and self-centered of Elijah, but it’s actually not. The prophet is teaching the woman a very powerful principal in order to activate the prophet’s reward. By giving the best and the last of what she has to him, she is in essence giving to the Lord God, which will open the door for the prophet’s reward and supernatural harvest. The prophet is teaching her how to use what she has skillfully through seed, time, and harvest.  

It’s not clear in the scripture that the widow woman understands that this man is even a prophet of God. The woman is not an Israelite. Meaning, that she is not of the covenant people of God.  However, she has faith and trust in God, which is obvious, when we take a look at what she does.

Once this woman gives the last cake to the prophet then she has given it to God. When she honors him with her best and her last she triggers the prophet’s reward. Because of seed, time, and harvest this woman is sowing a seed and immediately receiving a miraculous harvest that lasts her household for one full year.   This is a miracle. The widow’s obedience open the door to the prophet’s reward.

Healed After She Gave A Precious Seed From Her Resources

Another witness of the prophet’s reward is in II Kings 4: 8-17 with Elisha and the Shunammite woman.  In the latter part of this story, you see Elisha desiring to do something to bless this woman. Why is he so concerned about doing something for this woman? The reason is in Genesis 15 where it says that whoever blesses a blessed man should be blessed and whoever curses a blessed man shall be cursed.   This Shunammite woman has gone to great lengths to honor and bless this prophet. She has open the door for the prophet’s reward.

The way she open the door was by building a room onto her house so that the Elisha would have a place to stay while visiting in her area. It was not an inexpensive room either. This room was built on top of the house, which makes it nicer. This is a reflection of true honor and giving her best to the prophet, which in turn honored God.

Once she triggered the prophet’s reward, the next thing you see is Elisha minister to her a word of wisdom.  In this word of wisdom, the prophet said about this time next year you will have a son. Once he spoke that word she was healed and able to conceive a child.  By building on her home to honor the prophet, it opened the prophet’s reward in order for God to miraculously increase her home as a resulting from increasing family.   What is unique about the way the prophet’s reward was activated in this example is that she was healed after she gave a precious seed from her resources to the prophet through building a room onto her house for him so that he would have a place to stay while in her area.   

In Luke 6:36-38, the Lord says to condemn not and you will not be condemned and then He says give and it shall be given back to you. We see in verse 38 that the way you give is the way you’ll receive back. So, it depends on how you give out as to how you’ll receive back.  Your giving is proportional to your harvest. By giving toward the righteous man’s reward, you can have harvest at that level. However, if you give toward the prophet’s reward then you can have reward and harvest at that level.

You Cannot Buy A Healing

These two women, who were both outside of the covenant of God’s people, they were able to receive a miracle through the prophet’s reward. A person who is part of another church where miracles are not common place or individuals who are not saved, or something along those lines have the ability to trigger the prophet’s reward so that God can minister a miracle to them. There are a variety of ways that one can minister something and be able to receive the prophet’s reward from the prophet.

The example of the Shunammite woman has happened with me at least three times where the prophet’s reward triggered.  Each time there was a miracle ministered to three separate women who were healed in their bodies and conceived children. This one particular woman conceived in a format that was identical to II Kings 4:8-17.

This woman was a part of the network that I did secular consulting work years ago. However, she got it in her heart to do something extremely special for me when she learned that I had received a new home. She approached me and asked if she could do something extremely special for me. I did not discourage her but I also didn’t prompt her to do any of this either.  It was by faith through what she was receiving in her heart.

She began to ask if I needed a bookcase? I said that would be great. Well, bookcases in my house hold the word of God. So, she was giving me something to honor and lift up the word of God. I don’t think she really understood all of what she was doing but she is in the process of  triggering the prophet’s reward.

This woman and her husband went through great lengths to build a bookcase for me.  They desired for it to be something special. It was hand tooled. They made all of it from hand and they had never built anything like this before in their life, which speaks to the uniqueness and preciousness of this task.  Once I was finally able to take receipt of it then I began to see how truly beautiful it was.

While admiring it and praying the Holy Spirit shared with me in my heart ‘you know what the rule is.’ The rule is that whoever blesses you must be blessed and through prayer He began to share with me this word from II Kings 4:8-17.  This very word was ministered to this woman after a lunch meeting during the work week. Once I shared this word with her it ministered to her spirit and she began to weep and believe. After not being able to have children and having no clinical intervention within one year, she supernaturally had a son.  

Open The Door For Miraculous More

In Philippians 4:17, the word of God says not because I desire a gift but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. The Apostle Paul, by the Holy Spirit said in Philippians 4:19 that my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. The Apostle Paul is sharing a tremendous revelation when he says ‘my God’ because he is talking about God at the level of an apostle will be able to minister to your needs at his level of apostle.  With saying ‘my God’, he is saying that what you give to me will open the door for you to have a blessing from God at Paul’s level, which is the level of apostle.

In Philippians 4:17 you see the heart of what the Apostle Paul is ministering by the Holy Spirit when he says not that I desire a gift but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. The way to increase deposits into your heavenly account and the way to get a greater return on your seed sowing is to minister toward the prophet’s reward. The prophet’s reward has the capacity to open the door for miraculous more.  

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