Light To The Open Door – Part 6 – Take Off The Coat Of Pain And Put On The Coat Of Gain

Take off the coat of pain and put on the coat of gain is a word to deliver families suffering from generational curses. Families are in process of being judged, which is not the Lord’s desire. What is happening is that parents who engaged in fornication, drug addiction, adultery, etc… in one generation are now receiving judgment with the next younger generation following in their footsteps. The Lord says “ENOUGH.” The instrument that the Lord gives us to destroy the enemy’s family generational curses and break his back is the communion table with the broken bread and blood. The communion table and the authority of the believer are the instruments that breaks generational family curses. Learn how to skillfully use the Light To The Open Door to possess these two instruments to break family generational curses and set the families free!

Authority Of The Believer

Is there a spiritual authority that God has given us that the Body Of Christ needs to learn how to operate in skillfully? The church does have authority on the earth that is yet being realized. Authority is one of the most dynamic and powerful keys to the Kingdom of God but it is necessary to know how to become skillful in the Authority Of The Believer.