Principles Of Prayer

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All Christians know they are suppose to pray but many do not always see the results that they are expecting.  It is critical for all believers to know what is prayer and what prayer is not.  Ineffective prayer is extremely common and it leaves believers with no results and often discouraged.  Many times believers are praying when they actually should be saying.  Prayer involves asking at certain times but there are many scriptural accounts where requiring is expected of the believer, but the common question is what is that? Other questions in this series that will be answered are: What is the bible appropriate way to persist in prayer as the Father God would expect us to.  What are some of the major reasons why Christians don’t pray? What are some of the different formats and types of prayer and when is the appropriate time to use those formats?  What is fasting and is it necessary?  How can and does the Holy Spirit help with prayer?  How do I skillfully pray the prayer of enlightenment for others.  Prayer is one of the most powerful instruments in the Kingdom of God but to become skillful it is necessary to know how to operate effectively the Principles Of Prayer.