Inoculation Information

Inoculation Information

It has been shared that it could be almost the end of flu season before there will be a Corona virus vaccination but there is a vaccination that one can take NOW!  The Corona virus is a format of the flu. Should someone be interested in learning why this old virus, which is in a new mutated and more dangerous format for humans, that has been around awhile is having such an effect, it has to do with the season that we are presently in.  

To learn about this quantum season feel free to go to Shemita and read more about it.  Most importantly, it is possible for a person to be inoculated NOW! Non-conscious inoculation is a form of inoculation that requires rigor and discipline but it has been proven to be much better than the biological injections that people may have access to once it comes on the market toward the end of the flu season.  

Non-Conscious Inoculation First

It is important to be inoculated in the non-conscious first.  The non-conscious is the spirit and base or heart (I.e not the biological blood pump) of a person.  Neuroscientists have shared research that the non-conscious of a person is between 90-99% of the person with the biological (i.e. muscle, anatomy, physiology, etc…) composing 1-10% of the person.  According to the Love Based Leader model 90-99% is composed of the outer core (I.e. soul) and core (I.e. spirit) with 1-10% being the mantle (I.e. biology). Many scientists generally say that the biology is about 1% with the non-conscious being about 99% of a person.  

The Corona Virus vaccination that is being developed at the present time is to protect the 1% mantle of a person, which is great.  However, research shows that the non-conscious can be inoculated through quantum science principles and the body or mantle will follow.  The biology (I.e. mantle) always follows after the non-conscious ((i.e. outer core – mind, will, emotions – soul) and (core – spirit)).

This form of non-conscious inoculation comes through hearing the words that are aligned with quantum principles of love and quantum confidence.  Interesting, it is necessary to feed the non-conscious portion of a person much in the same way that a person feeds their biology with food. Generally, the non-conscious is not fed the nutritious food that it must have.

Evidence To Feed The Non-Conscious 

Research shows that 87% of our illnesses can be attributed to our thought life, which is based in the non-conscious.   Studies conclusively link more chronic diseases (also known as lifestyle diseases) to an epidemic of toxic emotions. The average person has over 30,000 thoughts a day. Through an uncontrolled thought life, we can create conditions for illness; we make ourselves sick! 

Research shows that fear, all on its own, triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 different hormones. There are intellectual and medical reasons to skillfully use the quantum principle of entanglement (I.e. forgiveness)! Toxic waste generated by toxic thoughts causes the following illnesses: diabetes, cancer, asthma, skin problems, allergies,  and infections like the Corona virus. 

Consciously control your thought life, and start to detox your brain! Change in your thinking is essential to detox the brain. Consciously controlling your thought life means not letting thoughts rampage through your outer core (I.e. soul). It means learning to engage interactively with every single thought that you have, and to analyze it before you decide either to accept it or reject it. 

Many news reports are generating fear, which in turn triggers the brain and destroys cells connected to the immune system therefore causing destruction in the immune system and weakening it.  This in turn makes a person more susceptible to diseases such as the Corona virus.  

There is a method to inoculate the non-conscious so that a person’s biology will not be harmed.  Love is what our biology and non-conscious is wired for as the research has proven this. According to II Timothy 1:7, Love does not give us a non-conscious fear but it provides the protective quantum power in addition to a sound mind.  Once a person has a fear based thought it immediately and instantaneously causes cellular destruction throughout the body, including brain damage.  

Activate The Non-Conscious

Focus on non-conscious inoculation first through restructuring the soul, which is the outer-core or the mind, will, and emotions.  However, the most important thing is to activate and awaken the non-conscious. Estimates that only 70% of the world’s population have their non-conscious awakened.  Of the 30% that do have their non-conscious awakened, estimates are that a very small percentage know how to skillfully work this portion of their person, which is why Love Based Leaders who use the love keys always perform so far over the average leader.  

Because the non-conscious core of a person must be manually activated or awakened, it is the individual’s responsibility to activate it.  Also, something to consider is that a person who has not manually awakened or activated their non-conscious doesn’t have their brain working correctly according to the latest research.  

Love and its keys have the capacity to protect and inoculate a person from their biology being harmed.  Brains of people that have not activated their core or non-conscious will not receive gamma wavelength, which is the highest form of intellectual energy the brain has available to it.  It is this gamma energy that opens the core for a person to have the intuitive capacity for above natural information and abilities.  

Love’s Protection

In the early twentieth century there was a scientist and minister by the name of John G. Lake who was working in Africa.  During his time in Africa the bubonic plague broke out, which is a plague much more deadly than the Corona virus.  The government was offering an astronomical amount of money to people if they would bury the dead bodies. The bodies needed to be buried to keep the disease from spreading.

Scientist Lake had a tremendous revelation of love and it’s quantum principles of protection.  He said that he and his people would bury the bodies in an effort to contain the disease. The government official’s learned that scientist Lake was burying the bodies and went to go stop him because they didn’t want him to be harmed.  

Scientist Lake or as I refer to him sometimes as ‘Love Lake’ said to the government officials that the bubonic plague could not hurt him and proved it.  Love Lake instructed them to take the froth from a dead person’s mouth that had the disease in it and check to make sure that the disease was in the froth by looking at it under a microscope.  It was confirmed that the froth did have living bubonic plague in the froth.  

Next, Love Lake instructed them to place the disease in his hand.  They followed his orders and placed the bubonic plague in his hand.  He instructed them next to take the froth with the disease that was in his hand and now place that under the microscope.  Once they placed the material that was in his hand back under the microscope the bubonic plague disease was dead. There was nothing previously in his hand such as anti-plague chemicals to kill the disease either. Once the disease touched Love Lake’s bare hand it died.   

Love Lake understood Love and its quantum principles and his non-conscious was inoculated to the point where the disease could not hurt his biology because of the love quantum field that he knew how to activate. 


Protection Perfect will inoculate your non-conscious through listening to it again and again until you have joy, because Romans shares that this is one indicator or how our non-conscious portions of our person have been appropriately fed.

Will To Heal will inoculate your non-conscious through listening to it again and again. The key challenge with people is that they do not believe that it is Love’s will for them to be healed and made whole.

Brain Train is a series that helps to provide the key method of how to inoculate your non-conscious skillfully.