Explain The Rain

Explain The Rain

The Lord is talking to us all the time. He talks to us through signs, wonders, and many other things. He speaks to us through natural things as well. Has anyone recently observed that we have had an excessive amount of rain? What does all the rain mean. Let us take a little time to explain the rain.

This excessive rain has been taking a toll on everyone, the group most easy to recognize the toll it is taking on is our farmers. While it is important to understand that God is sovereign, it is important to note that God is not sending destroying rains. Though God is sovereign, he must allow certain things to happen because man allows things to happen.

Love Opens The Way – Harvest Time

The Lord shared with us that during the year of 2018 that Love opens the way and it is reflected in John chapter 13.  For more information on this truth just go to Love Opens The Way for this word of wisdom and word of knowledge. Well, harvest time is here.

When one has not done what they been instructed to do by the Lord the result is called judgment. However, when one has done what they have been instructed to do by the Lord they shall receive harvest.  Things that people have not done nor completed during the year 2018 will be receiving impending judgement.  While it is not God’s will for any to be judged, it also is not God’s will for people to disobey His instructions to live a fuller life.

In John chapter 13: verse 23 “Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.”, we see John placing his head in Jesus chest. This is significant because it reflects that John is listening to the heart of God. Also, John is the one who is the disciple of love.  It can be seen here that John is praising and worshiping Jesus. John is not at all concerned with what others think as he praises and worships Jesus.

Now, let’s contrast this with Judas. Judas took communion with the rest of the disciples and Jesus. However, though his hand was doing what all the other disciples were doing his heart was far from God. What his hand did by taking communion was deceiving to the people because his heart was not with God. It can be seen that Jesus, who is the Word of God (I John 5:7), and how Judas mishandled Jesus who is the Word. The lesson here is that once Judas mishandled the Word, which was Jesus, the next thing that he handled in his future was hell.

Behind The Natural Is Something Spiritual

When one is handling the word well, they will hear from the heart of God just like John. Contrast that to one who mishandles the word and the next thing that they handle in their future is hell, or the fruits of hell, which are sickness, poverty, and those things under the curse of the law in Deuteronomy 28.

Behind everything natural that one can see there is something spiritual that one cannot see. In Genesis chapter 6, there is a record that reveals that God cleanses and washes the earth through the rain because of the wickedness of man. God is washing the earth and the wickedness during the days of Noah and all that is in it.

Noah is working on the ark during the day, but in the evening he is preaching and ministering for the people to repent. The people did not repent nor make any change from their evil ways. The people during the days of Noah mishandled Word.

The water is the Word of God. When one mishandles the Word and doesn’t receive it nor apply it then they have mishandled it. Again, when one mishandles the word they must be prepared to handle hell or its hell’s fruit as a result of yielding to God’s enemy who is Satan.

During the teaching series  Love Opens The Way, it was pointed out at the end of service through a prophetic anointing on October 7, 2018 during the message of “Don’t Let The World Get In The Way Of Your Worship.” In that message it was shared that people should be prepared and  consecrated or there will be judgment of things that had not been consecrated in 2018. It was shared that God had to allow some things to be judged, which was his grace so that people would not be destroyed completely.

Washing By The Water Of The Word Of God

Ephesians 5:26 says “That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,.”  Since March of 2018 God has been speaking to us about consecration. God has called his people to consecrate themselves. He has instructed them to consecrate themselves by not eating certain foods, nor spending time doing things that may have no eternal value, and other types of issues. He has instructed us to not spend time with some of those other things but take that time to spend with him in order to have more freedom in all areas in our life.

One mechanism of consecration is to praise the Lord the way he’s instructs us to praise Him. There are seven expressions of praise and worship that he enjoys and that he has identified as wonderful to him.  These seven expressions of praise and worship are for mature spiritual believers and are a mechanism that God has assigned as a way to communicate with him. In Genesis chapter 6 during the days of Noah, it could be seen where the water washed the earth. This is where we are today.

If one does not willfully submit themselves to God and will not voluntarily allow the Word to wash and cleanse them, then they have mishandled the Word. Meaning, they choose not to submit through consecration (defined to set apart) by the Word willfully. Should a person choose not to do this voluntarily then it opens the door for the enemy of God, which is Satan, to inflict involuntary washing up on them.

In the days of Noah those people did not submit to the washing of the Word voluntarily. As a result, those who did not submit were washed by the flood and destroyed.

Language Of Love

Faith is a language as many know. Also, Love is a language. According to Hebrews 13: 15 “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.” Love is a language and must be skillfully spoken just as the language of faith must be skillfully spoken.

When one becomes more mature and begins to grow up naturally they begin using more words from their vocabulary and more expressions from their body to help them speak. It is the same way in spiritual things. Thanksgiving, praise, and worship are composed of the language of love. God will speak through the language of love as He has outlined in those expressions of praise and worship that he has ordained from the beginning of time.

Raising Hands

One of the seven expressions of worship is raising hands.  When one raises their hands they are saying I submit. It is beautiful to God for someone in the praise and worship time before the word is ministered to raise their hands. It signifies they are saying “Lord, I submit to your Word and everything you instruct me to do before I even know what they are.”

When the Lord instructs one to raise their hands and the person does not raise their hands it closes off their spirit. When the spirit is closed off the person doesn’t have the ability to hear everything that God is speaking to them. Always remember, the first step to a miracle is to hear from the Lord in your spirit.

When one does not raise their hands voluntarily to God in the sanctuary they could have to involuntarily raise their hand to ask for help while laying on their back in the hospital, which has happened many times. God is not a hard task master and that’s not his desire for anyone to go to the hospital nor to be harmed. He desires for people to be free and more fluent in His language of love.

Some people think that it is embarrassing to raise their hands in order to express their praise and worship to the Lord. However, it is far more embarrassing to have to raise ones hands lying on their back in the hospital bed to ask for help. How embarrassing is it to go to jail or prison to visit a love one and go through the check point raising their hands as they check you for weapons.

Unfortunately, people who have not submitted willfully to speak the language of love with God as He requires by His leading and using His expressions of praise and worship open the door for Satan to harm, and hurt them.

Judge Yourself

In First Corinthians Chapter 11: 31-32 “For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.” This scripture helps to understand that if we judge ourselves, we should not be judged. This means that if we see where we have missed it and we asked the Lord to help us and forgive us – He will.  Next, we will not have to be judged and we will not be hurt by Satan.

To explain the natural rains simply is a reflection that people have not come to consecrate themselves during the year of 2018 as the Lord has led them to do so. People have not consecrated themselves in the area of thanksgiving, praise, and worship. So, when a person does not willfully submit, it opens the door for them to have judgment inflicted upon them.

If we judge ourselves we shall not be judged.  Embrace the Lord’s language of love and skillfully give thanks, praise, and worship to Love!

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