The Double

The LORD has something special in store for this year of 2020. In Exodus chapter 16:5 “And it shall come to pass, that on the sixth day they shall prepare that which they bring in; and it shall be twice as much as they gather daily.”  It is here where there is an introduction to the supernatural double.  

At this time, Israel has now left Egypt. They have moved into the wilderness just outside of the promised land. The children are not in the position where the Lord desires for them but they are on their way. The children of Israel have left Egypt, but they still have Egypt inside of them. Egypt that is inside of them is still holding them back. Just as in Egypt, they begin to murmur against leadership (Moses and Aaron), which is always a bad idea.

The children of Israel were crying about food as they recalled eating from the fleshpots while in Egypt. This is a reference to them eating the bread of bondage, but the Lord desired them to eat the bread of life. 

The Lord told his children that he would rain bread from heaven. Be prepared during this season for a supernatural supply from the sky. 

This is the year of the double. Finances, resources, and other things under your authority have the opportunity to double this year. One of the reasons why to receive the double this year is in order to be prepared for the year 2021. 

Bow To The Bread

In Exodus 16: 8 the scripture says that they ate bread in the morning and flesh in the evening. The bread in the morning is significant and it means something symbolically and spiritually. He says that this bread shall be eaten ‘until the full’, which means that the people will be satisfied with eating this bread.

The Lord is teaching a principle when He shares that we shall eat bread in the morning and meat in the evening. The bread in the morning is natural bread for the natural body but it also has a the spiritual meaning.  The meat that was eaten in the evening was quail. The Jewish sages help us to understand that there was a supernatural force that allowed the quail to not go above chest height. The idea was that the people did not have to bend down to capture the quail. The idea is that God had removed all of the toil out of the way.  Things that people have struggled with are going to be removed. 

The manna is on the ground.   For the people to pick up the manna, what position must they be in? They must bend over to pick up the manna. This symbolizes submission to the Word of God. Once one submits to the Word of God then toiling will be taken away for the rest of the day. 

Supernatural Vision

In Exodus 16:15,  it is seen that the children of Israel said that it is manna. In the Hebrew, manna is translated into the phrase ‘what is this?’ The children of Israel saw this substance on the ground but they did not know what it was.

It was Moses who helped them to understand that this was the bread that the Lord had promised. There are many things placed in proximity to you already that are extremely valuable to you, but may not be presently seen. Supernatural vision is achievable this year through new ideas, concepts, and insights. The Lord is placing things into your proximity that include people and they will help you to identify things that are going to provide supernatural sustainability for you for years to come.  

It Works This Time

Originally, when the Israelites tried to hoard and stockpile the manna, it began to rot and stink by the next day. But, something special happened on the sixth day. On the sixth day they were allowed double. 

Revelation for this is that this year the things that didn’t work before, now it will work this time. This year be ready when things begin working supernaturally where they never worked before.  

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